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808 Fir Street
Property Management Office
Seattle, WA 98104
First Hill
Program type: 
Low-Income Public Housing

Type of apartments and number of units vary by building.

Property Management

Davina O'Connor, Property Manager
Fitsum Abraha, Senior Property Manager


Yesler, a vibrant new community

The Yesler community is a 30-acre plus development on a hill above downtown Seattle. It is being transformed through a complete redevelopment into a diverse, modern, urban community with residents across the income spectrum. New subsidized housing for people with extremely low incomes has been built with more to come, ensuring that all of the residents living at Yesler Terrace at the time redevelopment began have the opportunity to continue to live in their community. Housing has been added for people with low and moderate incomes, as well as for people who pay market-rate rents in buildings that have been developed by private partners. When completed, Yesler will feature nearly 5,000 apartments in numerous individually designed buildings. A new hillclimb and pedestrian pathway link Yesler with surrounding neighborhoods, and two historic sites – a former steam plant and a performing arts hall – have been renovated for community programming. A central park, outdoor fitness loop, community gardening spaces and other amenities are under construction. The Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation operates a busy neighborhood Community Center at Yesler and there are convenient connections to the region’s public transportation network.

Walk Score: 92


Yesler has 57 Breathe Easy Homes, units designed for households that have one or more family members with asthma. The units have a special ventilation system, hard flooring and other features that help reduce asthma triggers. To apply for one of these units, choose the Breathe Easy Homes property waitlist on the online or paper SHA Housing application. Learn more about Breathe Easy Homes in SHA communities.