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High Point Redevelopment

High Point Redevelopment

High Point is Seattle Housing Authority's largest family community. Originally built in 1942 for defense workers, it was redeveloped into a new mixed-income community starting in the year 2000.
The redevelopment, funded with a combination of public and private money under the federal HOPE VI program, replaced all 716 worn-out public housing units, and added new housing for families and seniors designated to be affordable across a broad income range. 

Today, High Point is a thriving community for nearly 1,600 families, situated on 34 city blocks encompassing 120 acres. It is once again an integral part of West Seattle, reconnected with a new street grid. Its community amenities, services and beautiful parks are a magnet for both locals and visitors from the greater neighborhood. High Point is renowned for its environmentally responsible design and healthy living initiatives, and was recognized with several prestigious awards,    

Redevelopment Plan

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