Strategic Plan

Cover of Strategic Plan End of Year report

In 2015, SHA adopted a five-year Strategic Plan for 2016-2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the planned retirement of the agency’s Executive Director in spring 2021, planning for the next Strategic Plan was delayed. With our new Executive Director onboard, SHA is looking forward to developing the next iteration of the Strategic Plan.

During the strategic plan development process,  the existing 5-year Strategic Plan will continue guiding the agency’s work. SHA will continue to focus on the nine Organizational Cornerstones that are the foundation of how the agency advances its mission and three Strategic Directions that are the focus of the work. 

Race and Social Justice is one of the Organizational Cornerstones in the agency’s current Strategic Plan. SHA reaffirms its commitment to RSJ and aims to further strengthen this value. SHA will  work to develop a new Strategic Plan that leads with anti-racism and social justice as a critical way to operationalize the agency’s equity work and  guides SHA towards becoming an anti-racist organization.

2018 Strategic Plan Year-End Report [PDF]

2017 Strategic Plan Year-End Report [PDF]

2016 Strategic Plan Year-End Report [PDF]

Strategic Plan, 2016-2020 [PDF]