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Arts at Yesler

Arts at Yesler

In a neighborhood, the public realm is where people interact in ways that help define community. Physical public settings and creative engagement activities have the potential to serve as backdrops for social relationships that bind people into a vibrant, healthy community. To foster these kinds of connections, the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) is integrating art in many forms as part of the redevelopment of Yesler. In developing an Arts Master Plan, community members at Yesler established four artistic objectives.

  • Articulate the historic, cultural and economic context of the community
  • Celebrate, reinforce and enhance the community’s identity and character
  • Identify and remain accessible to diverse populations and multiple generations over time
  • Fit naturally into the community and support connections to the adjacent neighborhoods

From public works of art to wayfinding signs to participatory dance, people at Yesler will find art that is part of everyday life.

With the help of a grant from the Kresge Foundation, SHA has commissioned artists in residence to create works of art and engage community members at Yesler in the arts.

Activities that are part of the arts program are included in the Yesler Community News and Events listing. Works of art in the public space include a piece by Yegizaw Michael at Kebero Court and Mauricio Robalino at the Yesler Hillclimb.